I’m writing to recommend Health Access as a CLSC provider for home health care.
We have used their services for my elderly mother for over a year. My mother had been in the hospital for several weeks last winter and Health Access was recommended to us for continued home care.
Despite the fact that mom was at first resistant to any care at all, the health care provider sent by Health Access immediately put mom at ease. Since then she has helped mom with light cleaning, checking to see she’s taken her medication, shopping for her food and checking that only fresh food is in the fridge, preparing occasional meals, and taking mom to various appointments.
As important as all of that is, she has given mom the additional gift of positive social interaction. Most days, in addition to the tasks mentioned, they sit and have a cup of tea and a conversation together. This has given my mother a great deal of happiness and she truly looks forward each day to her care provider’s visit.
Mom is elderly and not always logical and her care provider has been able to manage this challenge with an uncommon grace. I know Health Access works hard to match the client and the provider and they do a superb job of choosing the right person for the job.
In addition, I’d like to say that the staff at Health Access have been unfailingly helpful.
They are readily available by phone and answer emails promptly. They also let me know in advance of any changes to time or of any issues that arise. And they are happy to brainstorm to solve any challenges that arise.
Health Access has been a great gift to my mother and also to our family. Because we live in the US, it has not been possible to bring mom closer to us due to the exorbitant cost of health care here. Now that Health Access is providing care for my mom, we are all so much more confident that mom has a good quality of life. It has been so wonderful to see mom experience a new happiness at this time in her life. We highly recommend Health Access for any person who needs home health care.
Catharine Bennett