Stress in your shadow

Stress can sometimes follow you wherever you go. I am talking about one of those days when you wake up late because the alarm didn’t go off and then spill coffee on your white shirt as you rush out the door. As if this is not enough you then get stuck in bumper to bumper traffic on your way to a day full of meetings at work. Stress at home or on the job can be more than just a headache, literally. The Mayo Clinic has identified that chronic stress and anxiety can lead to more serious health issues such as:

  • Heart disease
  • Sleep disorders
  • Heart disease
  • Digestive problems
  • Depression
  • Obesity
  • Memory impairment
  • Worsening of skin conditions such as eczema

Additionally, William Haley, PhD, Professor at the School of Aging Studies, and Amanda Smith, MD, Medical Director of University of South Florida Health, Alzheimer’s Research Center, has researched the effects stress can have on memory and other cognitive functions. In the article “Living with Memory Loss”, they discuss which lifestyle changes and stress management techniques, such as exercise, yoga, meditation, and sleep, can be helpful in reducing the chance of memory loss that may be associated with Alzheimer’s disease.


Study after study show the relationship between stress and disease and yet we still seem not to make the connection in our day to day lives that this is serious business. Unless we get our stress levels down we are in for trouble. First be aware of your stress level. Ask yourself “Do I feel stressed?” Be aware of how stress feels. Are your muscles tense? Do you grind your teeth at night? Does the area between your shoulder blades feel tight? Is you jaw clenched often and suddenly you realize it? Do you get frequent headaches and feel strained between your eyes?


Stop and take a deep breath. Recognize these tense feelings and then try to find ways to calm yourself. One of the ways I have been talking about and trying here in our office is the “Magnetic Resonance Therapy”


One way to treat anxiety and reduce stress is to just relax. It may be easier said than done, but it may also mean the difference between health and well being or poor health. Magneceutical Health™ has come up with a way to make relaxing a little easier. The Magnetic Resonance Therapy uses a device which uses precise, low-level, electromagnetic fields to assist in and enhance feelings of relaxation. By sitting within the magnetic field, this device uses whole body immersion instead of directing all pulses to one area of the body. This way, the low-level pulses can flow to whatever part of the body needs it most, all while you sit back and let the magnetic pulses do all the work.


Magnetic energy healing is one form of complementary and alternative medicine. For years people have turned to the healing energy of magnets because of its natural and non-invasive qualities. Some companies use jewelry, some use battery packs, but most of these forms of magnetic stimulation focus on only one area of the body, and may involve wearing or implanting a device. With the Magnesphere™ you get all the benefits of natural magnetic field therapy, with the added bonus of enhanced relaxation.


I have written about some of the successes we have experienced since we started this therapy in January of this year. We have used many protocols for many ailments and have witnessed individual feeling less pain after treatments. The added finding is that everyone feels totally relaxed after the treatment and most report sleeping so well after sessions in the magnesphere chair. Let your body relax and it can deal with all kinds of insults. Relaxation should be the body’s natural state. Save the tense, alert state for when it is needed for life threatening events like running from a lion!!! Our bodies can’t handle being in a constant state of tension. Something will break!!!


Learn to feel what relaxation is. Most probably are not aware of what relaxation feels like. Come see for yourself.