Home Support

With our home support services, you or your family member can enjoy a better quality of life and retain independence in the comfort of your home. Our trained, supervised, and caring support workers help with daily activities as required, and our flexible programs are easily adaptable to your changing needs.

We help with:

  • Personal care (bathing, hygiene)
  • Homemaking (meals and laundry)
  • Light housework
  • Infant and child care
  • Respite for family caregivers
  • Support when family caregivers are away
  • House sitting
  • Pet sitting
  • Plant sitting
  • Heavier cleaning

How the Service Works:

Once you have decided your family member needs some support at home, our first step is to evaluate your individual needs. Then, based on our assessment and what you feel you need, we develop a care plan that can be changed at any time, as needed.

Once we begin, we ask for feedback so we can continue to tailor the services to your needs. We want to be sure that we meet your expectations.

We realize that it is not always easy to have a stranger come into your home to help you. In our experience, we find that families develop relationships with our staff and look forward to their visits. We do our best to provide the same care providers as much as possible so that a relationship can be established. Not all personalities fit together and therefore we need your feedback to be sure that there is a “good fit.”

If ever care is no longer needed or the number of hours can be reduced, we discuss changes to your plan. We want to foster independence, allowing you or your family member to be as independent as possible. To do this, we perform follow-up calls and or visits to identify changes in your life and care needs

Caring and Commitment

We excel because of our dedicated and caring employees. They participate in ongoing learning programs to keep their knowledge and skills up-to-date. Our highly trained team is available to both our employees and to you, to help explain your care plan and for additional support. The team regularly reviews and assesses your needs and suggests changes if necessary.