Palliative Care

Palliative care is a commitment to whole person care of the dying. It centers on the person and family. Families are encouraged to be involved in planning the treatment and care and to make choices based on their beliefs and understanding of the process. With help from Health care providers families must recognize that pain management and control of other physical and emotional symptoms are essential.

It is hard to ask for help from friends and family but the caregivers need physical and emotional support too.

Caring for a loved one in their final days of life can involve times of great love, intimacy and laughter. There may also be times of frustration and exhaustion. Often difficulties do not come from the caring for someone else but because we forget to take care of ourselves. They need to be able to take a break. Those around you may not even know how to offer help.

From our experience we know that home health care has many positive moments and some frustrating and even angry ones. Often people are not as afraid of death as they are of how they will die. Terminal illness does not mean failure to cure. A terminal illness is our last illness. People who have been in control all of their lives may suddenly feel as if they have no control. A sense of control comes from understanding what the options are and making decisions based on good information. Knowledge decreases fear while increasing control. This is true for the ill person and the family and others who care for them.

Palliative care services

Too often our palliative care specialists receive calls when families are in a crisis and don’t know where to turn. When everything seems so overwhelming and scary it is difficult to gather information, make plans and begin to develop a support team. For twenty years we have helped many families during these difficult times. Often a little advice about available resources and someone to talk to about ideas for care can make such a difference. Call us just to talk about our palliative services in Montreal and West Island. Even if you do not need a break right away, knowing that there are options for help can alleviate some anxiety. We can provide home support for you and your family and help advocate for other services. We know the Health care system and how complicated it can be especially in time of stress.